Final Destination

Final Destination was the #1 movie in the country this weekend making $28 million dollars. For a horror movie with no stars, that is DAM good. My speculation for the success of this movie hit me on Friday when Final Destination was the 2nd biggest topic “Twittered” about.

Final Destination was released on Friday, the same day DJ AM was found dead. The similarities of DJ AM’s death and Final Destination plot was raising eyebrows everywhere. He survived a plane crash that maybe should not have, then is found dead on the day Final Destination comes out. The plot of the movie is that death finds you even when you survive something that you shouldn’t have. The timing of the whole thing was giving me chills. It also gave a lot of others chills and sending them to the movie theater. Big Opening.


PS3’s Angry Girlfriend and the “O Face”

With Sony’s new “Does Everything” ad campaign kicking off in North America, they’ve finally hit on something so true to the gamer audience that isn’t weird or disturbing.

Saying that, here’s the “Play Face” campaign kicking off in Japan to promote the same Slim PS3. This IS a bit weird AND disturbing. I understand that the gamers’ faces are the “reactions” to the fun they are having while playing the new slimmed down console, but it’s a bit too much of the “O” face to be playing any Sony games.

Playing the PS3 = Orgasm
…right…I know there’s some weird shit going on in the “land of the rising sun” but…

iPhone finally into China…again

Well it was a while coming but Apple has finally secured a 3 year deal with China Unicom, the 2nd largest mobile network to release their fastest growing device for 4th Quarter in 2009. Even though there are thousands of “Jailbreaked” iPhones within China currently being used and sold. None of them were supplied by a Chinese mobile network until now. I do find it funny that these “official” Chinese iPhones will not have Wi-Fi capabilities, but I guess Communism needs to limit freedom one way or another.


Birth Control

This is a great ad. Its pure entertainment because its so true. When I’m with a kid alone and they start crying and people start to stare, that’s when I’m glad the kids not mine. I went to a BBQ over the weekend and this 5 year old started freaking out in front of the whole party, and I mean screaming at the top of her lungs. I felt bad for the mom, but at the same time I was glad I didn’t have one of those.

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Mr. Pratt


Is overexposure good exposure? Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have mastered the overexposed. My big question is…who the fuck would give a shit about two cocky kids with no talent? Does this Shameless promotion work? I think Spencer has proved us wrong. Most would agree that Spencer should have been washed away with many other reality stars, but he’s not. He has a HUGE fan base of people who hate him and people who want to hate him. I truly believe this started as a joke to him, to see how he can accumulate as many haters as possible. Because as we all know, bad publicity is better than no publicity at all. You got to hand it to him, he found his niche. Like everyone, I find them as a couple to be to be repulsive. Below is a series of average days for the Pratts. Oh, just an average Easter. Please…LAME.