I wouldn’t ordinarily think that Leonardo Dicaprio would do a Tag Heuer ad. Seems too predictable, which in my opinion Leo is everything but predictable. Part of this Tag Heuer campaign is obvious, both teamed up to make contributions to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Green Cross International. Which is great but Leo reached deep in his pockets, real deep. He actually personally donated Millions to the causes. The multi-million dollars TAG paid the star skipped his bank account and went straight to charity. Not to mention the campaigns revenue going in part to charity. I wonder if Tiger Woods did the same thing?? (Doubtful)


Borderline Stalking

stalkThere are so many reasons why I love the Internet, but one awesome capability of the World Wide Web is information. Not any information, but intimate details about people, like friends, family and of course Ex’s. We all do it, I google almost everyone I meet. Just to see what kind of info I can get. The best though is borderline stalking ex’s. Its great! There’s twitter updates, facebook, myspace, youtube, the list goes on. Everyone hopes to google an ex and find out there miserable, but with all the sources out there, hopes are dying quickly. There is some good news though; the iphone has made it easier to stalk in privacy. Apple thinks of everything.

Real Men of Genius

realmenI, like a lot of people I know, listen to the radio on the drive to work. Each and every time the Bud Light radio spots dubbed “Bud Light Salutes the Real Men of Genius” always makes me laugh. They began in 1999 and have produced over 100 installments. Some of my favorites; Mr. Free Hook-up Seeker Outter, Mr. Overly Loud Car Stereo Guy and Mr. Fake Tattoo Inventor.

Keep it up Bud Light, your beer sucks but your advertising is nothing short of amazing!

Madden hits the iPhone

So it was just released that video game juggernaut, EA (Electronic Arts) is slated to release their legendary sports game franchise Madden NFL 10 on the iPhone next month. Featuring all 32 licensed teams, real locations and updated rosters of players…we will even see Brett Favre wearing the purple colors of the Minnesota Vikings and Michael Vick in Eagles green. This is a huge step for Apple’s iPhone to be considered not only an intuitive smart phone, but more, a legitimate portable gaming console. Should Sony’s PSP or Nintendo’s DS be worried? Only time will tell, but even if you’re not a fan of the iPhone, the one thing going for anything Apple churns out of their creative pipeline is their user loyalty, mix that with avid Madden fans and you got a pretty strong collaboration.

Hut. Hut…throw me the frickin’ iPhone!