Optical illusion sure to cause a headache

Here’s another optical illusion that gave me a headache in less than a minute. Can you see the 4 perfect circles? Even though it’s a great illusion, it’s a hell of a hard time to keep to staring at this image. F*&@ optical illusions, I’m kinda pissed I’m even posting this…arghhhhh my fricken head hurts!!!


SNL’s rookie drops the F’ Bomb on season opener

fbombSNL’s rookie Jenny Slate, 27 dropped an F’ Bomb on the 35th season opener, but NBC spokeswoman Sharon Pannozzo said, “[There is] no truth to firing conjecture. … She will not be fired.” Talk about screwing up on your first day at work, albeit live on National television with millions watching, the West Coast airing wasn’t able to catch it. I’m sure the FCC will have something to say to Loren Michael and NBC about this issue and I’m sure this isn’t the last F’ Bomb we’re gonna hear be it on or off the air from the SNL bunch.

Do woman get “Beer Goggles”?

alcohol_womanA recent study conducted by the Herald Sun who surveyed 3000 woman ages 18-50 found on average that they slept with eight men but were drunk at least five of those times. Four of ten had been “tipsy” when sleeping with a partner on their first time. While it’s been common knowledge that both males and females are more “encouraged” to engage in sexual activity while under the influence, so what I find funny is why there continues to be these surveys that are conducted to figure out what effect alcohol has on woman. How about a survey to find out if woman get “Beer Goggles” like men do? Cause I’ve never heard a woman use that term when they wake up the next morning.

Oh, Howey

howeyCarl’s JR. keeps pounding away at MAC and very successfully. It is all about product. Or at least telling people about the product and let them try and decide. GM and Mr. Whitacre has to bring back memories of Lee Iococa and Chrysler (for those of you old enough to remember-early 80s)). “If you can find a better car, buy it”. The GM versions is “car for car, we win” Mr. Whitacre is asking us to trust GM. Free trial on new cars. Smacks a bit of desperation. Anything is better than the smug, sanctimonious Howey Long for CHEVY. Bad stuff.

A-hole bomb scare

explosionIt’s reported that a recent terrorist unsuccessfully attempted to blow up the plane with explosives up his butt on a flight with a Saudi prince aboard. So I’ll assume that we’ll start to have our rectums checked “just in case” before boarding the plane. Remember what happened when a terrorist tried to blow up a plane with explosive shoes? We all had to take off our shoes, well it’s only a matter of time… Honestly, there’s a few things to keep in mind before you’ll need to bend over and spread em’;

1. You can’t stuff that much explosives up your bum
2. Igniting it would be “problematic”
3. A human body can stifle an explosion pretty well. (think of jumping on a grenade to save your friends)

Happy flying!

Save the Boobs, a PSA

savetheboobsAs a guy I can only dismiss the thought of getting breast cancer myself, but with so many women I know who are directly affected I can only be for any and all PSAs that pertain to the subject…and cause I love me some boobs! Either way, this PSA might not be for everyone, but for a young target audience that thinks they are invincible it might just save a boob…or two!

2 Billion apps downloaded and counting!

itunes-app-store-1Apple has announced that over 2 billion apps have been downloaded from their revolutionary App Store. With over 85,000 available to over 50 million iPhones and iPod Touches the amount of apps being downloaded by users can accelerate with time. Keep in mind that “nearly half-billion apps have been downloaded in this quarter alone” states Steve Jobs.

Hey Steve, that’s a whole lotta apps man!