Harley Ingleby 2009 ASP World Longboard Champion

hichamp09bigHarley Ingleby has been overlooked for some time, but now things are gonna change! In the second Oxbow event at renown Pasta Point in the Maldives, Harley became the 2009 ASP World Longboarding Champ. With a victory at the first event earlier this year in Japan, Harley needed to bypass the defending champ Bonga Perkins and other world title contenders to secure his first championship title. While he has placed in the top 5 these past few years, the title kept eluding him until now. I met Harley about 7 years ago while filming another surf movie. Since that time, Harley has amazed me with his talent in the water and his solid, to-the-core friendship. I can’t say enough good things about him cause he rules and it’s great to see him reach his professional goals.

What most people find out about Harley when they first meet him is that his skills go further than just riding a longboard. What he can do on any size or shape board is absolutely amazing. Here is a little clip of Harley riding the evolution of Australian surfboards from old Balsa boards to 70’s shortboards. I shot this about 6 years ago when I first visited him at his home in Australia.  Good on ya, Harley! You deserve it!

Charlize Theron’s kiss cost $140,000

s-CHARLIZE-largeIn San Francisco last week, Charlize Theron was part of OneXOne live auction and when bidding stalled at $37,000, she yelled out, “For fuck sake! You can do better,” she tells attendees. “There is no way I am leaving here with Jeremy Piven getting a higher bid. I’ve got tits for God’s sake.”…then upped the ante and offered a 7-second kiss. One man threw up a bid of $135,000 but was then outbid by a woman with a bid of $140,000. Charlize locked lips with the woman for over 20 seconds. Hell, she should also charge for this video cause I’m sure I’d pay to see her kiss a woman, DAMN she’s frickin’ hot hot hot!!!

Bill Keller leaks the imminent Apple Tablet


Bill Keller discussed last week to the New York Times Digital Group the different platforms they are working on to distribute the Times content. He pointed out “the Times Reader, iPhone apps, WAP or the impending Apple Slate…”. Is this a true acknowledgment that the Apple Tablet does exist? Maybe, or is he just assuming that it will be coming out and trying to be technologically hip?