University of Leeds needs Lap Dance researchers

stripperThere was a new post for a position at the University of Leeds, England, in the School of Sociology and Social Policy: Research Position – The rise and regulation of lap dancing and the place for sexual labour and consumption. If I wasn’t already doing my own research in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles, I think I’d hop the pond to help them out!

Killer Whales attack sharks!

Did you know thatĀ  Killer Whales have been known to attack sharks. They use different techniques including, corralling a lone shark into a herd of Killer Whales where they will hit the shark at the least dangerous moments, or come up from below and grab the shark from it’s belly. And even use their tale to “Karate Chop” a shark leaving it dazed long enough to allow the Whale to attack.



Christian group boycotts The GAP?

114098-GapHolidayAFA, American Family Association, a Christian group has decided to hold off on their boycott of The GAP, Banana Republic and Old Navy until after they get a chance to see the “Christmas-themed commercial” on Nov. 28. Bryan Fischer. The group claims that The GAP, Banana Republic and Old Navy haveĀ  downplayed the term “Christmas” in past commercials. AFA has boycotted other stores such as Target and Sears in the past. I gotta say it, it isn’t very Christian-like to be boycotting a store based off of downplaying the term “Christmas”, what do they think of the Kwanzaa holiday? Plan on boycotting Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles next??

Roxy growing up?

roxyathltixRoxy, the teen garment powerhouse has recently expanded it’s reach to Roxy Athletics. Hopefully this will pull Quiksilver, Roxy’s parent company’s stock off the bottom, but that will be determined. I’m still down though, plus this video has a couple of the cutest and stylish surfer and snowboarder out there, Kassia Meador and Torah Bright, so it’s worth watching just for that!