Burger King is getting sued over $1 cheeseburgers

burgerkingBurger King franchise owners have been pretty pissed at the Burger King corporation due to the $1 cheeseburger deal off the $1 menu. Franchise owners are stating that the $1 cheeseburger actually cost the franchise $1.10 and that they are losing money. Franchise owners represent 90% of the 12,000 locations and have decided to sued the company. The problem I see here is that if the franchise keeps the prices above it’s competitors then they lose business due to the poor economy, but if they succumb to the $1 menu, they may not make it to sell any burgers…it’s almost the same catch 22 of eating at fast food joints in the first place. You eat it to save money and it’s fast, but it’s not good an eventually if you eat too much, you’ll have to get surgery to unclog your arteries or you’ll die. I say that they just keep the price of the cheeseburgers off the $1 menu. Let’s save everyone the heartache!

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