Digital Advertising Predictions for 2011


So it’s time for my predictions for 2011 when it comes to “digital advertising”.

1. Brands will drop more ad budgets into creating “social content” to gain the popular Facebook “Like” badges. As these badges become more important to Brands than ever before, as it’s the easiest way for consumer to communicate their appreciation directly to the brands.

2. Influencers will become the new online celebrities. With streams of consciousness for everyone to access through platforms like Twitter and Facebook, influencers that have adopted to this digital form of expression will garner more power over their minons than ever before. Brands will be looking at any way to get their products and name into the hands of these new online celebrities.

3. Location based apps will help bring advertisers back to the local level. With applications like Foursquare, Yelp and even Facebook’s new “Places”, local advertising will get a boost in budgets (hopefully).

4. Silicon Valley will be a hotspot for advertising jobs. With Facebook and Twitter finally making profits, you’ll start to see more dollars for these brands to expand their advertising reach.

5. A spot for small personal networks. With social networks continuing to grow at exponential numbers still, the sudden need to limit what everyone can find out about you is becoming a problem. So communities like “Path” where a limit of 50 friends that’s constantly switching out can give you that privacy you’ve been wanting and needing.

Although these are just predictions, we can revisit this post same time next year and see if I’m right! Now, if I can only predict if I’m gonna keep my new year’s resolutions!

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