Garnett and Adidas

I am a Laker fan. So, it doesn’t surprise me that the Celtics do an Ad campaign that’s motivated by media approval. They still can’t even do that right, Adidas is getting sued for this AD. Apparently they stole the “we not me,” slogan from some dude. Haha, losers.

I’m not bitter at all, just watch out Garnett. I am known for spreading joy and happiness all around the world, and you? You just play some basketball and pretend to like some kids for a campaign. Next time your play in LA,  I might send a prostitute up to your room and call the cops. Lakers rule!


Visit Las Vegas

This really goes to show what I know. This commercial came on in a movie theatre last night for a movie, Zombieland. Which I originally didn’t want to see, and was great by the way. Anyway, this commercial came on and I was like, “what the hell is this?”, but all around me people were laughing and cracking up. Talking about how “great” it was. So, here you go.