mulliganGolf has a strange Terminology. Not sure when I realized that golf had terms that sound like they are out of a Dr. Seuss book. I mean what the hell is a “Bogey.” I KNOW what it is, I shoot a lot of them. I grew up on golf and the terminology was presented to me by my dad “TheDuke,” who then sucked me into this world of Golf and Advertising. Thoughts on Golf? Hell in a really pretty field. Golf is challenging. Addictive. Fun. Lonely. Creative. Fascinating. Romantic.  A lot like Advertising.

Citi Never Sleeps

“A Message Worth A Billion Words”

Often we see companies change face overnight. Demographic, copy, outlet, message. A slight alteration in style to keep on the top of our minds. Market share and quota through media. Never had we seen a need more than in today’s financial sector, sinking in the shallow waters of federal aid. Who will be chosen to carry us through? Who will be the last bank standing? 72 bank collapses within the last year, only 3 in 2006. This race is close, aggressive, and also fixed. But a little advertising can go a long way to bailout.

Gone could be the old reliable horse drawn carriages, higher standards, and smart gentlemen bankers whose advice you can bank on. The thought that on vacation they don’t take your credit card is coated an elitist attitude, so not the now.

Today’s banks have been given 300 trillion and it’s not just going to insider bonus programs. New advertising, subtle yet soothing is on the horizon. Nothing threatening or worried, mute tones, pastels, and soft music, an understanding smile at the other side of the teller counter. A symbol that can endure adversity. Lately one bank has scored well with consumers and trends well in valuation. With a refreshing and reliable feel, and copy that gives us trust and a belief that this company is down but not out.

Citibank isn’t in your wallet,

“Citi Never Sleeps”

Watch this company and others change their tune to a message with desired results. Coming to a placement near you.

Thanks, Deskjockey

Next week please return for “Cash for Nothing” How congress’s genius new automotive stimulus bill “Cash For Clunkers” and corresponding (very effective) ad campaign created a very undesired result for automakers, empty showrooms…

George Lois

I feel like my advertising style is old school compared to today’s standards. People tiptoe and are careful about being too “obvious” with their ads. I like the “in your face” ads, I want to sell a product or service. I believe that we need to SELL. I love George Lois’ attitude and people love him. He once said about his popularity. “Its I know what the fuck I know, and you know what the fuck you know, and Ill tell you what i think, and you’ll tell me to fuck off.” It is ironic because not everyone would agree that he was loved, but that’s what makes him great.

Thanks, BentleyBoy

Gooo Lakers

Hudson Wolf
Hudson Wolf

This picture was sent to me in the middle of the Laker Playoffs. This came from my brother who has been a Laker fan since I could remember, so for him to have his son looking like Birdman was disappointing.

He still looks cute, sooo, Ill let him get away with it this time. Aaaaannd the lakers won, so its OK.