info you may not have known about Star Trek

So I’m gonna geek out a little bit here and bring up all the things you may or may not have known about Star Trek. I know even the coolest of kids who thought Star Trek was for geeks and nerds but liked the latest movie out last summer will find something interesting about these tidbits. Geek out NERDS!!

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In Memory of Coach John Wooden

We are all sadden by the passing of the great Coach John Wooden. He died just this past weekend and was honored and remembered at the Lakers vs. Celtics NBA finals game by such greats as Kareen Abdul Jabbar and Bill Walton. A colorful tribute to the basketball legend is planned at UCLA this Friday at the graduation ceremonies. His “Pyramid of Success” helped raise his players and those around him to be the best that they could be, so we again will post his amazing building blocks here. R.I.P. Coach Wooden, we will miss you but never forget what you’ve given us. Click on image to view it larger.


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Pussy Cow!

When I was a kid there was a man named Cal Worthington. He owned a bunch of car dealerships, Worthington Ford etc…and he would have some amazing commercials. I don’t know if he was a stuntman or a zoo keeper but he would do the most incredible things to sell you a car…and the theme song  to his commercial was for some reason called “Pussy Cow”! or was it “Go see Cal”?

Either way, I would love his commercials as a kid, maybe it was cause he would either ride and wrestle animals, do some crazy stunt or that his theme song was “Pussy Cow”. So for you’re enjoyment, “If you want a car or truck, Pussy Cow! If you want to save a buck, Pussy Cow! If you want a brand new truck, if you want to change your luck, if you want to save a buck, Pussy Cow!”