Madden hits the iPhone

So it was just released that video game juggernaut, EA (Electronic Arts) is slated to release their legendary sports game franchise Madden NFL 10 on the iPhone next month. Featuring all 32 licensed teams, real locations and updated rosters of players…we will even see Brett Favre wearing the purple colors of the Minnesota Vikings and Michael Vick in Eagles green. This is a huge step for Apple’s iPhone to be considered not only an intuitive smart phone, but more, a legitimate portable gaming console. Should Sony’s PSP or Nintendo’s DS be worried? Only time will tell, but even if you’re not a fan of the iPhone, the one thing going for anything Apple churns out of their creative pipeline is their user loyalty, mix that with avid Madden fans and you got a pretty strong collaboration.

Hut. Hut…throw me the frickin’ iPhone!


An Adult Timeout


So tonight I was invited to join some friends for a birthday at the Hollywood Bowl. Playing tonight was Tchaikovsky Spectacular with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, plus Fireworks! I guess our little way to “class” up our lives with some classical music. Keep in mind that I’ve never been to a classical music concert but I was thinking if they have fireworks, alcohol and food, it could be a lot of fun. We got to the bowl a bit early to pre-celebrate tailgate style in the parking lot. While walking through the main entrance, nothing seemed different until I started noticing signs that said “Quiet Please during show”. This seemed a bit odd but I paid no mind to it thinking it was just to keep the crowd under control.

Boy was I wrong! As soon as we entered the concert venue, the Philharmonic began to play and the crowd literally went dead silent. I’m not talking about library type voices, I mean, whispering would not be tolerated. By the time we all sat down, we already had numerous people giving us the “evil eyes” or “sushhhing” us to be quiet. I’ve never been soo uncomfortable to the point that if you looked either left or right, someone behind or in front of us would give us grief about moving. This was the most bizarre experience that I’ve every encountered. I guess this is what an “Adult Timeout” would be like. At the first intermission a few of us excused ourselves to step outside the venue so we could at the very least share the experience of the music with our friends. I don’t need to see the orchastra to enjoy the music. These classical patrons were more about showing anyone around them how “classy” they were by being dead silent. I bet when Tchaikovsky was alive, he was treated like a rock star, while tonight it was more like his wake. During the last piece, a fireworks show ignited over the back of the stage, but still the crowd sat in silence until the finale when the crowd applauded. Was it really time to applaud? really?

My point, music is suppose to bring an emotional experience heard by your ears but felt in your heart. We associate music with being a soundtrack to our lives. It shouldn’t be a gauge of social class structures. Remember that classical music was the hard rock of it’s time!

If it’s too loud, then you’re too old… so turn it up and break off the knob!

Flagpoll Sitta

flagpoleViral videos continue to entertain us more and more each day. This is one of the original internet viral videos that prompted a million copy cats. The basis of making a video viral is creativity. This is a perfect example of that, by combining an upbeat song with a lot of office team work, it goes to show you that anyone or everyone can set themselves apart. So show us what you’ve got!

Anastasia Ashley and Lexi vonderlieth Reality TV

I have tried to remind people that surfing is not actually about surfing. It’s funny because all the girls we see surfing in commercials, movies and TV are not actual surfers. This is because generally people look better attempting to “pose” as a surfer. Girls that surf are not cute. This will kill the dream of many men out there.

A couple remain in the midst. Alana Blanchard is hot and she surfs dam good. I mean she is at the top of the top. Anastasia Ashley and Lexi vonderlieth are the other two that remain in the “hot” category. After that, there seems to be no hope.

Anastasia Ashley and Lexi vonderlieth have done what every cute girl surfer should. They sold a TV show about themselves and surfing. Running around Newport in May with cameras and in bathing suits, I actually look forward to this show. Apparently being produced by Den of Thieves and by Anastasia Ashley and Lexi vonderlieth, this should regain some confidence that girl surfers are hot.

We will see. Head towards the light.

Anastasia Ashley and Lexi vonderlieth Reality TV Show
Anastasia Ashley and Lexi vonderlieth Reality TV Show