Christian group boycotts The GAP?

114098-GapHolidayAFA, American Family Association, a Christian group has decided to hold off on their boycott of The GAP, Banana Republic and Old Navy until after they get a chance to see the “Christmas-themed commercial” on Nov. 28. Bryan Fischer. The group claims that The GAP, Banana Republic and Old Navy have¬† downplayed the term “Christmas” in past commercials. AFA has boycotted other stores such as Target and Sears in the past. I gotta say it, it isn’t very Christian-like to be boycotting a store based off of downplaying the term “Christmas”, what do they think of the Kwanzaa holiday? Plan on boycotting Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles next??

Seeing isn’t always believing

modelevolutionDove soap had a campaign a few years back showing the evolution of how a model goes from makeup and hair to photoshop and final image used. Ever heard of the term “burst my bubble”. Yes, there is an issue of how the “perception of beauty is distorted”, but I want to point out this question to play the role of the devil’s advocate, “Do you want to see the cow, before you eat a steak?”

Verizon Droid ads are missing the target

verizonmuscleVerizon launched another of their Droid commercials “Big D” and again have missed the target. With the Droid now the hot new smart phone on the cell market, Verizon or better McGarryBowen the agency, had the bright idea to showcase the phone amongst smashing and bashing-rugged imagery to depart from the nerdy/hippster users of their competitor (iphone). But really, Verizon is angling us towards the idea that their smart phone is for the blue collar guy who’s tough and every nerd/hippster wishes they could be just a bit more masculine? Really? Is this what I’m suppose to get out of it? I didn’t…I just thought it was odd.

Jim Beam’s “Girl Trumps All” is perfect

girltrumpsallJim Beam’s latest commercial “Girl Trumps All” is a perfect representation of men that I’ve ever seen. Just the other night while I was in a very important meeting with my partners, a beautiful girl walked by and exactly like this ad points out, we all just stopped and checked her out before getting back to the conversation. I think it’s part of our DNA, either way, I laugh every time I see this spot cause it’s soo true! What can I say, I love checking out beautiful woman!

DirecTV uses Farley and Spade in new commercial

directvThe recent DirecTV commercial shows David Spade (today) talking to the camera while Chris Farley¬† doing the “Fat guy in a little coat” dance from the film Tommy Boy. Some people are in an uproar about the fact that a company is using a deceased actor to sell their product.

First off, to have Chris Farley’s image to be used in this commercial, DirecTV would need to have it signed off by Chris Farley’s estate. If his family doesn’t see it as an issue, why should we? Secondly, showing this classic clip from one of the funniest guys ever just lets everyone who has seen the movie remember how incredible Chris Farley was and for those who have never seen the movie, they get a glimmer of his brilliance.

This isn’t the first time that a deceased celebrity was used to sell a product (remember John Wayne selling beer in the 80s) and I’m sure it won’t be the last.