Apple starts off the New Year at $300 billion!

110350-aapl_300_billionWell it’s was a great year for Apple in 2010 and even better in 2011. The darling of the digital revolution has hit a market cap of over $300 billion and running 2nd to Exxon Mobil as the largest U.S. company by market capitalization. In 2010, Apple leaped over Wal-mart and Microsoft last year but still trails Exxon Mobil by roughly $65billion. Not bad for a company that was on the brink of becoming a distant memory in the late 90s. Good thing Apple brought back Steve Jobs, he may be a tyrant but he does know how to get a company back on track!

Kodak’s Kodachrome Film ends in 2010


After 75 years, Kodak’s Kodachrome film has finished it’s long and successful run. Announced last year that Kodak will discontinue the film stock for photographers as professionals have turned in their film based cameras to a digital platform, Kodachrome was was noted for capturing rich color and light in a way that many say cannot be replicated by digital cameras or apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram.  It seems like an end of an era, but like everything, it’s time has come. Probably a good thing when you consider the amount of chemicals  that go into developing film stock these days.

Oh, I will miss you Kodachrome, but we’ll always have my childhood!

Roxy growing up?

roxyathltixRoxy, the teen garment powerhouse has recently expanded it’s reach to Roxy Athletics. Hopefully this will pull Quiksilver, Roxy’s parent company’s stock off the bottom, but that will be determined. I’m still down though, plus this video has a couple of the cutest and stylish surfer and snowboarder out there, Kassia Meador and Torah Bright, so it’s worth watching just for that!

Once Victoria Secrets, now Apple


The upper westside of NY is getting a new glass monolith opening Saturday Nov 14, 2009. What was once a Victoria Secret store is now the home of the ginormous new Apple Store. This place is huge! It holds the most demo units in any store in the world. So you have a sense of the size, the walls are 45ft tall and you could fit 11 5th Avenue Cubes inside it. The genius bar can handle 100 people at once and spans 45 feet across. NERD ALERT! The store is located at 67th and Broadway so if you out there on Saturday, they will be handing out 2250 commemorative t-shirts if you’re that kind of crazy!

Apple profit charts soar!

Here’s a nice little graph to really show the scrutiny that Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has to the pockets of the little computer that could. It’s funny that as one of the original founders, he was fired in the mid 80s. Then he went on his way to start Next Software. Which in 1996, Apple decided to buy Next Software and bring back Jobs as Intern CEO. This is when his madness began to change the failing company to a cash cow. With products like the iMac, iPod/iTunes and the super popular iPhone, it’s no wonder Apple’s profits have soared!


Burger King is getting sued over $1 cheeseburgers

burgerkingBurger King franchise owners have been pretty pissed at the Burger King corporation due to the $1 cheeseburger deal off the $1 menu. Franchise owners are stating that the $1 cheeseburger actually cost the franchise $1.10 and that they are losing money. Franchise owners represent 90% of the 12,000 locations and have decided to sued the company. The problem I see here is that if the franchise keeps the prices above it’s competitors then they lose business due to the poor economy, but if they succumb to the $1 menu, they may not make it to sell any burgers…it’s almost the same catch 22 of eating at fast food joints in the first place. You eat it to save money and it’s fast, but it’s not good an eventually if you eat too much, you’ll have to get surgery to unclog your arteries or you’ll die. I say that they just keep the price of the cheeseburgers off the $1 menu. Let’s save everyone the heartache!

Perfect bowling ball isn’t cheap


Have you ever wanted to go to your local bowling alley and impress your friends by knocking down a perfect 300 game? Well now you can. Built by a Texas company called 900 Global a perfect score at the alley is just $1500 away. The ball is geared for young children and the physically impaired. Screw that, I’m gonna get that ball and rule those jerk offs at the alley!