A cooler Visa card for kids


Kids are always wanting to get their hands on their parents’ credit cards but that’s been a bit of an issue. So there are a myriad of companies that offer a prepaid version for kids, but Myplash is a company that has signed some of the hottest entertainers, athletes and musicians to brand these cards to make them even cooler than just flashing your Visa at lunch time. With faces like Danity Kane, JVC, Mike Vallely, and Kassia Meador, these cards make it a lot more fun for kids to show off the kind of person they associate with. My favorite is Kassia Meador’s card, I own this one myself cause what’s cooler than throwing down a Visa with a beautiful surfer girl on it?!? You can get one too at http://www.myplash.com

You thought your credit was bad…79.9% APR

premierccGordon Hageman received what he thought was a standard pre-approved credit card offer in the mail from First Premier Bank in South Dakota. He couldn’t find the interest rate at first but when he looked at the fine print, there it was…79.9% APR!!! When asked if his credit was bad enough to be offered a credit card with this ridiculous APR rate, he said it was about normal. Do you think that First Premier Bank (the 10th largest issuer of Visa and Mastercard credit cards in the country) is trying to take advantage??

$1000 Armani luxury phone? Not sweet :(

armaniphone_2Samsung and Giorgio Armani have collaborated to unveil a $1000 luxury mobile phone. This high priced smartphone features a 3.5″ AMOLED touch screen, Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5, WiFi, Bluetooth, FM radio, TV Out, GPS, a 5MP camera and an 8GB internal memory.

Ok, I’m a big fan of so-called “luxury phones” but this is a bit ridiculous! Other than this phone being plated in gold, I don’t see anything special enough to be charging a grand. Come on Samsung, come on Armani, both your companies make some tight products but this one isn’t one of them. Maybe you should collaborate again and make a suit that has tv screens all over it?!?

Not sweet… 🙁

Kids like Steve Jobs more than Oprah


A recent survey of kids 12-17 by Junior Achievement found Steve Jobs the person they most admire. Chosen from a list including folks such as Oprah Winfrey, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Kimora Lee Simmons and Tony Hawk, 61% of the votes said that he “made a difference in/improved people’s lives or made the world a better place”. Well I guess we’re in store for some great entrepreneurs rather than a bunch of fashionistas, athletes or talk show hosts.

Polaroid cameras are coming back


If you’re one of those old school “I shot film, digital is soul-less” type of people, then rejoice! Polapremium has announced that they are “preparing, supporting and managing the comeback of Instant Photography”. Cameras and film (both color and black-and-white) will be available in mid 2010 while a new digital Polaroid will available as well.

I can see it now, Hipsters are singing while they ride around on their fixies.

Mercedes F700


In 2007 Mercedes released images of its concept F700. Well all the concept hype has lived up and then some. Check out the current 2009 Mercedes F700. It’s powered by only a 1.8 liter pilot economical engine with a total output of 238HP +20HP for the electric motor and while that may not sound like a lot of power, this big boy can get nearly 54 MPG!! Not bad compared to that rinky dink Prius you got this year.

Watch out Tesla, here’s something gnarlier!


German car manufacture e-Wolf has released is latest renderings of it’s electric super car dubbed e2. With looks that cross between a Ferrari Enzo and some Lamborghinis, this electric beast is not only hot from the outside but powerful under the hood. With a chassis weighing in at under 2000 lbs and 4 in-wheel electric motors pumping out 134 hp, you’re looking at a combined 536hp and a monstrous torque of 737 ft-lbs. That’s frickin’ really fast!! Scheduled for a 2011 release, the current in production electric supercar “Tesla” better look out cause this beast is coming!

US loans $500 million to an overseas car maker


Recently announced was that Al Gore was backing a small car manufacture in Finland to build a high-end luxury hybrid car. I have 2 inherent problems with this. First being, a luxury hybrid car? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Aren’t hybrid cars a part of the eco-friendly, “tread lightly on the environment, this is all I need and I don’t need the excess” type of mentality? Not the capitalist, all-for-me attitude that embodies the term “luxury”? Secondly, what is the US loaning an overseas company this much money to get off the ground and then turn around and charge nearly $90,000 for this vehicle. Shouldn’t the taxpayers in the country get a free luxury car since that’s where the money is coming from. How does our government think that by spending money overseas, this will help stimulate the US economy. There are way too many issues that come up with this deal that I could go on for days. The crap is still going down the drain, it may be moving slower, but it’s still going…