Venus Williams’ tank top was a dress?!?

With the 2011 Australian Open just underway, Venus Williams played in one of her own designed outfits. If you remember her shiny outfit at the 2010 US Open, this year’s Australian Open was not so much shiny but extremely short! Although she would have normally wear the dress with a pair of “nude” colored shorts, she comments to the press,  “so the focus could be put on the dress”, but I’d have to say, if she did wear the “nude” colored shorts, I don’t think anyone would’ve been looking at the dress. Either way, good on ya! Show off what you got, I ain’t mad at ya 😉

In Memory of Coach John Wooden

We are all sadden by the passing of the great Coach John Wooden. He died just this past weekend and was honored and remembered at the Lakers vs. Celtics NBA finals game by such greats as Kareen Abdul Jabbar and Bill Walton. A colorful tribute to the basketball legend is planned at UCLA this Friday at the graduation ceremonies. His “Pyramid of Success” helped raise his players and those around him to be the best that they could be, so we again will post his amazing building blocks here. R.I.P. Coach Wooden, we will miss you but never forget what you’ve given us. Click on image to view it larger.


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Kelly Dalhberg interviews Surfing Royalty

kelly_and_stephOne of my close friends Kelly Dahlberg an amazing producer and host, reported a great story for Channel 9 in Australia with the current ASP World Champion of Surfing, Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore. She’s been at the producing game for quite a while and has recently been in front of the camera and I remember her when she was working as a host at MTV.

Check out this clip of Kelly Dahlberg doing her thing!

Amar’e Stoudemire and David Spade

studamarieSo if you don’t know who Amar’e Stoudemire is, well he was the first player to be drafted to the NBA out of high school that won the Rookie of the Year award. And now he’s making a run to get on the all star team with the help of David Spade. With some great comedic shorts that has Spade playing a mentor role with Stoudemire, these latest online viral videos are a great way to reach his fans. So if you like this video, check out or and watch the rest and vote him into the NBA All Star Team!

Pastrana breaks the world record on New Years Eve 2010

pastranaTravis Pastrana has wowed us with his double backflip on a motocross bike and has recently turned his attention to rally cars. Now to ring in the new year he has set the record for the longest car jump from a meager 171 ft to an amazing 269 ft. Starting off from the end of the Long Beach Pier and pushing his little rally car through the air and landing on a floating barge, he barely has enough time to stop himself by sliding into the end of the barge retaining wall. A great way to start off the new year!!

Roxy growing up?

roxyathltixRoxy, the teen garment powerhouse has recently expanded it’s reach to Roxy Athletics. Hopefully this will pull Quiksilver, Roxy’s parent company’s stock off the bottom, but that will be determined. I’m still down though, plus this video has a couple of the cutest and stylish surfer and snowboarder out there, Kassia Meador and Torah Bright, so it’s worth watching just for that!

Brandon Jennings youngest rookie to score over 50!

jenningsMilwaukee Bucks rookie Brandon Jennings let the world know that there’s a new kid in the school we all call the NBA. Against the Warriors, Brandon Jennings has become the youngest player and rookie at 20yrs old,  to score over 50 points, 55 points to be exact, in NBA history. This kid is damn good! He can hit from the outside, inside and where ever he likes. Can’t wait to see him against my team, THE LAKERS!!! Bring it on Brandon, if anything, it should be fun to watch!

Celebrities and Athletes, what’s the deal?

Why is it that celebrities always like to hang out with Athletes? Watch a Lakers game and you’ll know what I mean. Check out Kate Hudson enjoying the Yankees vs. Mets game watching her beau A-Rod with pro surfer Lexi Vonderlieth.

Lexi Vonderlieth and Kate Hudson watch Yankees vs Mets game
Lexi Vonderlieth and Kate Hudson watch Yankees vs Mets game
Lexi Vonderlieth and Kate Hudson enjoy the Yankees vs. Mets game
Lexi Vonderlieth and Kate Hudson enjoy the Yankees vs. Mets game