Soccer fans do what the team can’t

soccerfansIn a match between English powerhouse Manchester United vs Barnsley FC, with a little pass the 90 minute mark, 2 soccer fans stormed the playing field and did what the Barnsley team couldn’t…put the ball in the back of the net. Good on ya guys, even though it doesn’t count and you’ll never be allowed back into this stadium for a very long time…but good on ya for doing what the team couldn’t!

Manu Ginobili, the new batman

manu-ginobili-200tbatOn Halloween’s game between San Antonio vs Sacramento, someone had a bright idea to release a live bat into the AT&T Center. What no one realized is how good of a guard Ginobili is. While the bat may have scared some, Ginobili stared the little flying rodent down and swatted him out of the air mid-flight. I wonder when he’ll get a call from PETA?

Harley Ingleby 2009 ASP World Longboard Champion

hichamp09bigHarley Ingleby has been overlooked for some time, but now things are gonna change! In the second Oxbow event at renown Pasta Point in the Maldives, Harley became the 2009 ASP World Longboarding Champ. With a victory at the first event earlier this year in Japan, Harley needed to bypass the defending champ Bonga Perkins and other world title contenders to secure his first championship title. While he has placed in the top 5 these past few years, the title kept eluding him until now. I met Harley about 7 years ago while filming another surf movie. Since that time, Harley has amazed me with his talent in the water and his solid, to-the-core friendship. I can’t say enough good things about him cause he rules and it’s great to see him reach his professional goals.

What most people find out about Harley when they first meet him is that his skills go further than just riding a longboard. What he can do on any size or shape board is absolutely amazing. Here is a little clip of Harley riding the evolution of Australian surfboards from old Balsa boards to 70’s shortboards. I shot this about 6 years ago when I first visited him at his home in Australia.  Good on ya, Harley! You deserve it!

It’s not what you think, but it’s still gross

That’s not a real life Popeye, or a guy that spends waaayyyyy to much time with the lube and a porn addiction, it’s Matthias Schlittle, German arm wrestler and his totally ginormous right forearm. Come on really? This guy spends so much time building up his right arm to be the best arm wrestler that he’s got no regard to how gross this is? Really? OK, I’m officially grossed out…If you were really gonna work something out to make it bigger, I would’ve picked another part of the body!



Can hardly wait for the “Dodger Fantasy Cruise” The Mexican Riviera. Steve Garvey and other Dodger greats. both past and present. Guess Garvey’s legal issues regarding multiple paternity suits in San Diego are all cleared up now and he is free to start over. Ladies, sign up now on line. The Bud Light campaign is, sorrowfully, not a joke. You can actually buy the “Tailgate approved” and “Tailgate tested” crap on line. Hosted by Jimmy Football.


Well it’s that time again!

lakerswarriorsGuess who beat the Warriors on the preseason opener? If you’ve been following our little website, then you would know what sports team we’d sell our first born child to go see. It was the greatest team of all time, gooooo LAKERS!! That’s right boys and girls, Pre-season basketball has started and my favorite giant purple and gold clad athletes started off the night with a solid win over the Golden State Warriors 118-101 with Ron Artest debuted with 12-points and 9 rebounds, while Andrew Bynum with 24-points and of course Kobe playing only 25mins scored 22-points.  A great highlight was little Shannon Brown launching on his trampoline over Mikki Moore to take it to the hole. GOOOOO LAKERS!!!

Samantha Steel, I think I’m in love

fsns-sideline-reporter-samantha-steele-suffers-a-concussion-copy-300x225FSN has an amazingly beautiful sports reporter named Samantha Steel. On an outing to Stanford Stadium before the Stanford-vs.-Washington game, she got a chance to toss a few passes with former Pittsburgh Panther’s quarterback Yogi Roth. Seriously, what an arm!!! She throws several perfect spirals for close to 20 years right in the hands of Roth, but that’s when the celebration ends. While jumping for a celebratory shoulder check, Roth completely flattens Samantha Steel onto her back and as reported by her twitter, causes a concussion. The trooper that she is, she was able to shake it off and was on the sidelines for the Stanford vs Washington game.

Samantha Steel, I think I’m in love!