Sony TV with Manning and Timberlake

peyandjtMy two favorite personalities are coming together for a Sony Ad. Justin Timberlake and Peyton Manning. Literally I cant believe these two haven’t collaborated before, I wish I was there to shoot this one. JT is no stranger to commercials or poking fun. His SNL skits are so good, and Peyton’s got the same effect. Sony really wanted people to know that they too, can be funny.

180 LA is coming out a new campaign for Sony Electronics, and there is a TV spot with Timberlake and Peyton Manning. This should be good. Who will win?


mulliganGolf has a strange Terminology. Not sure when I realized that golf had terms that sound like they are out of a Dr. Seuss book. I mean what the hell is a “Bogey.” I KNOW what it is, I shoot a lot of them. I grew up on golf and the terminology was presented to me by my dad “TheDuke,” who then sucked me into this world of Golf and Advertising. Thoughts on Golf? Hell in a really pretty field. Golf is challenging. Addictive. Fun. Lonely. Creative. Fascinating. Romantic.  A lot like Advertising.

Get your fans to do the work

nikeSo I have recently been working a lot on Viral Marketing. The idea is to get fans to pass it on for you, so essentially you receive more viewers and it will have more potential to reach your target audience. For a company to have success in Viral marketing a viewer needs to feel something from a video or be surprised by it. If a viewer isn’t, than its just another videothats running on the web. JUST HAVING ADS SUCK. Make me want it!

Nike Skateboarding has a video they released for viral marketing by Wieden & Kennedy .

I don’t skateboard nor do I prefer to listen to Ice Cube, but this video makes me feel something. It makes me feel “cooler” than I am. Watching it surprised me and made me as a viewer want to pass it along. The story line got my attention and not to ignore the fact, the lighting was Brilliant.

Gooo Lakers

Hudson Wolf
Hudson Wolf

This picture was sent to me in the middle of the Laker Playoffs. This came from my brother who has been a Laker fan since I could remember, so for him to have his son looking like Birdman was disappointing.

He still looks cute, sooo, Ill let him get away with it this time. Aaaaannd the lakers won, so its OK.

Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller stop pursuing married women

Reggie Miller stay away from married women
Reggie Miller stay away from married women

So, according to the much relaible TMZ, Reggie Miller has been “Pursuing” married women. Some dude named something Von Frustinblahblahblah, paid money to have a plane fly over with a message that said “Reggie Miller stop pursuing married Women”.

Whose the sucker now. Reggie prob got Laid and Von Fruestinblah prob paid $20 gs to have that plane fly over.

Anastasia Ashley and Lexi vonderlieth Reality TV

I have tried to remind people that surfing is not actually about surfing. It’s funny because all the girls we see surfing in commercials, movies and TV are not actual surfers. This is because generally people look better attempting to “pose” as a surfer. Girls that surf are not cute. This will kill the dream of many men out there.

A couple remain in the midst. Alana Blanchard is hot and she surfs dam good. I mean she is at the top of the top. Anastasia Ashley and Lexi vonderlieth are the other two that remain in the “hot” category. After that, there seems to be no hope.

Anastasia Ashley and Lexi vonderlieth have done what every cute girl surfer should. They sold a TV show about themselves and surfing. Running around Newport in May with cameras and in bathing suits, I actually look forward to this show. Apparently being produced by Den of Thieves and by Anastasia Ashley and Lexi vonderlieth, this should regain some confidence that girl surfers are hot.

We will see. Head towards the light.

Anastasia Ashley and Lexi vonderlieth Reality TV Show
Anastasia Ashley and Lexi vonderlieth Reality TV Show