Hey IPhone, its 2009.

There are two types of people in this world, IPhone people and Blackberry people. Its amazing to me that the IPhone can locate someone, pay bills automatically, and identify music tracks. But if I want to simply send a picture which I feel like I have been doing through MMS since High School, the IPhone cant. Its so annoying and crazy that the IPhone hasn’t had the capabilities until now. It was announced that AT&T IPhone customers will be able to MMS starting Sept 25th. Wow! congratulations IPhone, welcome to this generation.


Waking the Content Sleeping Giant

66249-WomaninGrassLaptopM Last year it was reported that the audience for online video was leveling off, but since April 2008, 24 million new users have come on and are spending more and more time watching from their computers compared to their home flat screens. July was the biggest month for the medium with 81% of online users watching videos, up from 73% in April 2008 [comScore]. Google sites which include YouTube.com, are the dominate #1 while Viacom Digital was at a distant second. But, the true big winner in this category is the fast growing Hulu.com (38 million users in 4 months) placed 6th, where viewers watched an average of 1 hour and 13 minutes per month while the average online video consumed during the month was only 3.7 minutes. No wonder those actors were striking for online residuals! This is just the start of how we view our “TV” shows, what’s the point of having DVD discs if you can stream it in the same HD quality from the web?

In the past, the problem with streaming video was that it would take too long and the picture was small+crappy. But now with advancements in video compression, combined with nationwide roll-outs from Verizon (FiOS) and AT&T (U-Verse) of fiber optics speeds to the home, waiting for HD quality videos are no longer a problem. So if you can watch anything you want, whenever you want it, what’s going to happen to the TiVos, DVRs and Blockbusters of the world?

The convergence of TVs and our computers are closer than we think.

PS3’s Angry Girlfriend and the “O Face”

With Sony’s new “Does Everything” ad campaign kicking off in North America, they’ve finally hit on something so true to the gamer audience that isn’t weird or disturbing.

Saying that, here’s the “Play Face” campaign kicking off in Japan to promote the same Slim PS3. This IS a bit weird AND disturbing. I understand that the gamers’ faces are the “reactions” to the fun they are having while playing the new slimmed down console, but it’s a bit too much of the “O” face to be playing any Sony games.

Playing the PS3 = Orgasm
…right…I know there’s some weird shit going on in the “land of the rising sun” but…

iPhone finally into China…again

Well it was a while coming but Apple has finally secured a 3 year deal with China Unicom, the 2nd largest mobile network to release their fastest growing device for 4th Quarter in 2009. Even though there are thousands of “Jailbreaked” iPhones within China currently being used and sold. None of them were supplied by a Chinese mobile network until now. I do find it funny that these “official” Chinese iPhones will not have Wi-Fi capabilities, but I guess Communism needs to limit freedom one way or another.


Madden hits the iPhone

So it was just released that video game juggernaut, EA (Electronic Arts) is slated to release their legendary sports game franchise Madden NFL 10 on the iPhone next month. Featuring all 32 licensed teams, real locations and updated rosters of players…we will even see Brett Favre wearing the purple colors of the Minnesota Vikings and Michael Vick in Eagles green. This is a huge step for Apple’s iPhone to be considered not only an intuitive smart phone, but more, a legitimate portable gaming console. Should Sony’s PSP or Nintendo’s DS be worried? Only time will tell, but even if you’re not a fan of the iPhone, the one thing going for anything Apple churns out of their creative pipeline is their user loyalty, mix that with avid Madden fans and you got a pretty strong collaboration.

Hut. Hut…throw me the frickin’ iPhone!


Sony TV with Manning and Timberlake

peyandjtMy two favorite personalities are coming together for a Sony Ad. Justin Timberlake and Peyton Manning. Literally I cant believe these two haven’t collaborated before, I wish I was there to shoot this one. JT is no stranger to commercials or poking fun. His SNL skits are so good, and Peyton’s got the same effect. Sony really wanted people to know that they too, can be funny.

180 LA is coming out a new campaign for Sony Electronics, and there is a TV spot with Timberlake and Peyton Manning. This should be good. Who will win?