Roxy growing up?

roxyathltixRoxy, the teen garment powerhouse has recently expanded it’s reach to Roxy Athletics. Hopefully this will pull Quiksilver, Roxy’s parent company’s stock off the bottom, but that will be determined. I’m still down though, plus this video has a couple of the cutest and stylish surfer and snowboarder out there, Kassia Meador and Torah Bright, so it’s worth watching just for that!

The terminator isn’t too far away.

petman-walking-robotWhen we think about human robots, the Terminator comes to mind, but then we think that human robots are a ways off from reality. Well here’s a company that proves that a military Terminator isn’t too far away. Boston Dynamics have been building robots for a little while now and their latest incarnation is the Petman. Built for the US Army as a suit wearing robot for chemical protection testing conditions, this robot with a torso and legs that can even withstand a knock from the side and it remains upright and walking. Keep in mind that this is an early prototype and it can walk nearly like a human…a drunk human…but getting there! SCARY!!!

Mr. T should’ve been in Twilight

mr-t1When I was young, there was a little show on NBC, it was called the A-Team and there was the most bad-ass character named Bosco “B.A.” Baracus played by Mr. T. This was 1983. A year earlier, we saw Mr. T. as Clubber Lang in Rocky 3. It’s almost 2010 and I just saw a commercial of Mr. T today for World of Warcrafts. He is coming around the corner to his 60th birthday and nothing’s changed. He’s still relevant to the original target audience that loves him. Twilight’s sequel “New Moon” comes out today and who should’ve been in that movie but wasn’t?!? That’s right, Mr. T.

Take a look, Mr. T. is a vampire, he would’ve been awesome in the newest Twilight movie! For real…

Jim Denevan’s Sand Art


If you’ve ever visited Santa Cruz California and seen a guy with just a stick drawing big circles and lines at the beach, it might have been Jim Denevan. His freehand sand drawings are one of the most amazing things to see, especially from the air. So next time you’re wondering what this quiet man who is playing with a stick at the beach, step back a minute and you might be witnessing a true sand artist!

Seeing isn’t always believing

modelevolutionDove soap had a campaign a few years back showing the evolution of how a model goes from makeup and hair to photoshop and final image used. Ever heard of the term “burst my bubble”. Yes, there is an issue of how the “perception of beauty is distorted”, but I want to point out this question to play the role of the devil’s advocate, “Do you want to see the cow, before you eat a steak?”