Pussy Cow!

When I was a kid there was a man named Cal Worthington. He owned a bunch of car dealerships, Worthington Ford etc…and he would have some amazing commercials. I don’t know if he was a stuntman or a zoo keeper but he would do the most incredible things to sell you a car…and the theme song  to his commercial was for some reason called “Pussy Cow”! or was it “Go see Cal”?

Either way, I would love his commercials as a kid, maybe it was cause he would either ride and wrestle animals, do some crazy stunt or that his theme song was “Pussy Cow”. So for you’re enjoyment, “If you want a car or truck, Pussy Cow! If you want to save a buck, Pussy Cow! If you want a brand new truck, if you want to change your luck, if you want to save a buck, Pussy Cow!”


How thin is too thin?

In the Hollywood world of actors or models this has been an issue for a while now, but when it comes to electronics, it’s never too thin. Sony releases an upgrade to their credit card-thin led display. It’s now as thin as a human hair!


Here’s last year’s prototype at a thickness of a credit card.


I’ll take either one if they could make it 65″ inches!